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I haven't had a contest in a while and, well, it's simply time to have one again :D However, due to my personal time constraints it's not one with lots of judges, instead the only judge will be me.

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now Closed

Thank you all for your entries!

There were a whooping 56 entries making it real difficult to
choose the winners, so please give me a few days :heart:

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And the Winners are...

Stock Use Contest WINNERS

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(nothing else, sorry)

Photomanipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new.

You can learn more about photomanipulation here - maybe you'd like to give it a try!?

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January 1st 2015
, 11:59 pm German Time (= Central European Time - CET)
:pointr: Countdown

PS: I will be actually closing the contest whenever I get up on January 2nd, but as I don't know when that is yet (usually not before 9 am, but who knows), I said midnight, so no one will feel left out when it's over the deadline. If you are a wee bit late, but still before I get on my cmoputer and write the "contest closed journal", you'll be included :heart:

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Please read carefully! - not following the rules will lead to rejection of your entry!

  • You need to
    use at least 1 of my stock images
    in a way that I do not need to go looking for it with a magnifying glass. In addition, you can use any of my brushes or textures as well as more of my or other people's stock.
  • Your entry has to be
    created exclusively for this contest
    , uploaded to dA after the starting date and before the deadline. Exclusively means: no entering into multiple contests with this entry, just this one.
  • You need to
    state in the artist's comment that it is an entry for this contest
    , preferably with a link to this journal and my icon / username listed.
  • All stock needs to be
    legal and properly credited
    in the artist's comment. For example, if you are using premades / pre cut stock / brushes etc. where the creator has not used their own stock (which should be noted in the artist's comment), it is your responsibillity to make sure the original stock providers (which need to be noted in the artist's comment in that case, too) are okay with this kind of use and to credit them, too, if they require so! Premades/brushes etc. (i.e. anything clearly made from other stock) that you use need to state the stock source to be considered legal (if their own images were used, this needs to be stated, too)! Please read this article for more information on copyright.
  • While it is not a legal requirement in most cases, as contest host
    I still need direct links to all stock images
    used for your contest entry to make my life easier when accepting/rejecting entries based on their legitimacy. If you do not want to make the direct links public by adding them in your artist's comment, please add them in your entry note. 

You can enter as often as you like, but you can only win once :aww:

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How to enter & Entries

Send a note
with your entry titled "Kuschelirmel's Stock Use Contest Entry" (or something to that effect) before the deadline ends. I will add your entry to the Contest Collection when it is accepted.

Latest Entries:


  Winter Serenity by Thy-Darkest-Hour Glowing Girl by bnolin Vampire Eyes by ZedLord-Art

...more in the Contest Collection!

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There already are a whooping

56 entries!

:love: you rock! :love:

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There is only one judge, me, kuschelirmel-stock - no one else :aww:

I will be looking for creativity and technical skill both, so while it is permissible according to contest rules to use premades and pre-cut stock, you may want to think twice about if that really shows off your skills ;)

As I said above, I don't have the time any more to coordinate something with lots of judges. And I am not going to have a poll, because the same people always win there anyway for popularity reasons. Even if you say "don't ask for votes" there's always some people doing it anyway (and if not publicly then via notes - pathetic really, but that's the way some folks seem to tick). If you try to disqualify someone for cheating, all you get is shouted at. So no more polls for my contests / challenges.

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1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Honorable Mentions:

For All Winners:

... as well as features for the winners and honorable mentions from avyvakuschelirmel and kuschelirmel-stock

If you want to donate something,

I am happy to have your prizes of course, but I do have a request in terms of what is offered: please choose between offering points and/or exclusive stock and/or a feature. If you choose to offer a feature, do NOT just copy the winner's announcement journal and that's it. No llamas! No digital art downloads. No "custom manips". No "you're awesome-stamps".

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Some Examples of Stock from my Gallery

Geothermal Zone 06 by kuschelirmel-stock

Purple Flowers by kuschelirmel-stock Alpine Lake - Tree - Mountains by kuschelirmel-stock Storm Front 04 by kuschelirmel-stock Adam Mickiewicz Monument + Cloth Hall 01 by kuschelirmel-stock

Winter is Coming (06) by kuschelirmel-stock

All the small things by kuschelirmel-stock Fairie Forest Premades by kuschelirmel-stock Stained Glass Window I by kuschelirmel-stock Roses Cut Out - Premium Stock by kuschelirmel-stock 

Browse for more here.

There is a lot of stock in my gallery that has seen little to no use - it would be great to see some of that used now. Also, there are some images that have been used over and over in a similar fashion - which is a good thing (any use is great!), but for this contest, maybe you can use those images in a way no one has done before?

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Happy Manipulating!