Commission is Open

- Stagiselle <done>
- Amadalia <done>
- LynxTrinity <done>
- Miyopo <done>

here's the infomation.

   Send me an e-mail via ( with title "Commission" and the following info.
   There is high chance that I'll miss reading if you sending a note.
Type of commission. (semi-realism portrait/half body/other)
Type of image. (wide, vertical, square)
   My standard size is around 2000px x 5000px 300dpi
Describe you character.
References of your character.
   Additional references of the pose/accessories/etc. are very welcomed!
Specify as much details as you can (pose, expression, extra details ,background(if there is))
What propose of your commission. (personal use, commercial use, other)
Your name of DA name.

  • Payments via PayPal and in USD only.
  • The price is included a paypal fee.
  • Please notify me when you have sent the payment.
    For personal use
     - These сommissions are for personal use only.
     - You're not allowed to resell or edit them.
     - You can upload the art.
     - I might post it to any of my galleries.(crediting you as the commissionor and the owner of idea.)
     - I have the rights to reject any commissions if I feel it does not suit my style or uncomfortable with.

   For Commercial use, please deal privately.       

  • After I accept your commission I will do a sketch and send it to you.
    (If you want to cancel the commission, You can do in this stage.)
  • During sketching stage any revisions are allowed.
  • Once you've accepted the sketch, I will send you my Paypal account and please pay me in full.
  • After the payment is processed, I will finish up your commission.
  • I will keep you updated the process. (any minor changes are welcome) 
  • I do not do any major changes after the sketch has been approved.
I accept - character | original character | fanart (I do all my own style)
Do not accept - porn | over sexualized

Commission Types and Prices
All these prices estimates based on complexity and details requested.
The price below is for personal use only. For comercial use rate will apply.

     SEMI-REALISM PORTRAIT 80-100$ <additional character +50-70$>

Ashryn by imGuss Lalitha by imGuss Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon by imGuss Fantasy by imGuss Widowmaker by imGuss

     REALISTIC PORTRAIT (yourself|person|celebrity|actor,actress) 80-100$ <additional character +50-70$>

Equinox by imGuss Anya Taylor Joy by imGuss Clarity by imGuss Rey by imGuss
     PORTRAIT SKETCH (BW | monochrome) 30-40$

Chrome by imGuss Rey II by imGuss

     HEAD SHOT (BW skecth|colour) 30-40$

Lea by imGuss Ashen Hair by imGuss Malignant - wip by imGuss

     HALF BODY 100-130$ <additional character +60-80$>

Arendelle 's Queen (re-rendered) by imGuss art trade by imGuss Commission - Catori Moxie by imGuss Dark Modern Witch by imGuss Rye F Dorus by imGuss
    I do little simple background for free if you want!
    for more complex background and environment start at 20$ (depending on complexity)

    well, hope I didn't miss anything. Thank you all for your time!

    - Guss