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Since Valentine's Day is coming, why not have a Love related macro contest? For this contest, you will have to take a macro photograph or a closeup of something that you love. Anyone, or anything. 

In other words, you can show off your love for a dessert, your bed (like me), your significant other, water drops, insects..basically anything, as long as it is a macro photograph or a closeup. 

RULES (please read carefully)

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart The photograph has to be at least 1280 pixels wide (It is the “Display options” / “Size: 1280 pixels wide” or “Size: 1600 pixels wide” widget when you submit your photograph, underneath the “Contains Mature Content?”).

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Please avoid using obstructive watermarks.

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart No mature content. 

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Use the hashtag #macroarmy.

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Mention in the comment section that your deviation is for the "Love macro contest", with the link to this journal.

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Give a quick explanation in the comment section of your submission what the photo is about. Your photo is a love declaration to what/who? 

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Only one entry is allowed.

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Your photograph has to be new and done specifically for this contest.

:squee-love: - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Leave a comment on this journal with your submission for the contest. 

And now... THE PRIZES:

For the top 3:

- feature from jxsnyder on behalf of Dialed-In

- feature from MagicalMacro

- feature from Closeup-Photography  

- feature from MacroPoetry

- feature from Stand-Out-Shots 

- feature from TandemFeatures 

- feature + llama by Yuukon

- feature by JustACapharnaum

And more specifically:

First place: 3600 points (which is worth a 9 months Core Membership) by communityrelations + 400 points 

Second place: 2400 points (which is worth a 6 months Core Membership) by communityrelations + 250 points

Third place: 1200 points (which is worth a 3 months Core Membership) by communityrelations + 150 points

 Feel free to donate! 

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Beginning date: January, 22nd, PST

Deadline: February, 12th, PST

Winners announcement: February, 14th, PST.

Good luck everyone! 

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