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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 6, 2017, 6:02 PM

Update 2:
Well, all the last donations have come in, or so I believe! I just made another donation. This one was very small. I forgot to check the box that lets others see the donation, but I got a receipt in my email. So I'm just providing this as proof:
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.57.41 PM by Cynderheart
Thank you all so much for your help and support :heart:


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.32.38 PM by Cynderheart

We helped raise $463 so far. I'm still waiting on one more commission payment to come through, about $30; I also was sent another $8. I'll wait to see if any more donations or payments come in, and then I'll donate those in a little batch, also.
But this is the first donation I made. The GoFundMe now has $2,073 out of $5,000.


So...earlier today Tellastar and I found out that a dear friend of ours, paulmccartneys passed away a few weeks ago. We don't know why, we don't know any details. We looked everywhere for possible answers. However, unfortunately, their passing was confirmed because Frosty found a GoFundMe page that their family put up, in order raise funds either for support or for a service. I'm not quite sure.

So, I'm selling some things in the hopes of being able to help the fundraiser.

I'll be donating whatever money I make to the GoFundMe to support them. I won't be sharing the link because I don't want it to become an invasion of privacy for the family, since there is some personal information written in the GoFundMe. It's just to protect my friend's privacy, as well as their family. They were always careful about their privacy around the internet, and I feel it's important to respect that. Please, leave your negative thoughts and opinions to yourself.

Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone is okay.

*Note: You are welcome to just send a donation, if you don't wish to buy anything but wish to help. You can note me about it and I'll tell you where to send the funds.

Collab commissions that Tellastar and I are hosting:
Collab Commissions - GoFundMe Edition (Updated)Update 2/7: meroaw has been nice enough to create an adopt and all funds will go to Kate's family!   
Update (2/7):
omnisiyeah has been nice enough to include some adopts to sell! All funds go to the cause! https://toyhou.se/mousse-soda/characters/folder:127907/order:name/3/1
Update 2 (2/7): starsealer has opened commissions to support the cause as well! 

Cynderheart  and I are opening up some collab commissions, in order to raise money to support 
paulmccartneys family, due to her tragic passing. The family
Collab Commissions- GoFundMe EditionUPDATE: We have raised $463! I'm still waiting for one payment to come in, so once it does, I'll donate this whole batch of money to the GoFundMe! Thank you all so much for your love and support. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought commissions, and thank you to all those that helped to spread the word :heart:

All slots have been taken! I'm not home right now but I'll update this journal later and fill in the slots. For now, check out Frosty's version of the journal, which has been kept up to date!
Tellastar and I are opening up some collab commissions, in order to raise money to support paulmccartneys family, due to their tragic passing. The family has set up a GoFundMe and are aiming to raise $5,000. They are currently at $1,335. Frosty and I will be donating any money we make to the family, so that

Stryx and Tokotas:
CH's Sales (Uploaded Frilled Raptor)-I took away the AP options. One of my best friends passed away, and their family put up a GoFundMe in order to make the funds to support them. I'm going to be donating any money I make to them.
Various payment options will be listed underneath a Stryx if I am looking for something specific. If only USD or AP is listed, that means I am only looking for those. Please read the rules at the bottom of the journal!
:star: = NEW
:bulletblue: = On Hold/Pending Sale

Frilled Raptor; very low lineage
(Dom!) Scorched Hooded Ringed Soil with Eclipse
Clean Slate; no art
$100 OR may accept split AP/USD payment

-Has very little HP done, otherwise a clean slate
Geno Sales:

:star: 1) Male, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy

Stryx Slots:
CH's Slot Sales (Chiro, Card Gryph):star: Added AP payment options! One more Chiro AP option, Firebreather AP option, Twilight AP option. I also retired some Stryx whose slots have not sold in a long time or whose slots are running out. :star:
Breeding Slot Sales/Trades:

Omega Female Corva
Ringed Splotched Nox with Unders
1. CLOSED ($15)
2. CLOSED (20 AP)

Alpha Female Chiro
Frosted Faded Ringed Soil with Brindle and Pangare
1. $15
2. $15
3. PENDING (25 AP, Miami-Meow)
4. PENDING (25 AP, DizzyMountaineer)

Omega female
Twilight Soil Pangare with Ink
1. $15
2. $15
3. 20 AP

Legendary female; semi-custom
Scorched Inked Crescent Sand with Eclipse and Unders
1. $10
2. $10
3. PENDING (10 AP Northern-Winter)

Alpha female
Frosted Scorched Snow with Sunspots
1. PENDING (15 AP,MoonDance-Wolf)
2. $13
3. 15 AP

And some characters that I stopped using:

Batttyyyy by Cynderheart Batgirl By Molenas-d9v4lvb by Cynderheart
Bat design; I made a bigger example of her design
Selling for $5

feb 7th Grevillea by oukamiyoukai45
Griffin design by  oukamiyoukai45
Selling for $25
Proof of Purchase: February Griffin Purchase Proof


Important...Please ReadSo, earlier today around 10 am I found out some very disturbing news. One of my friends paulmccartneys passed away around two weeks ago and it's only starting to become known to the public now. We don't know what happened, we don't know why it happened, but it did. Her other friends and I are devastated, since we at first didn't believe it, but this evening I found the go-fund-me page her family set up because of her passing. I will not be sharing this link to keep the family's information private, however Cynderheart and I will be raising money to help her family.  
Steph posted a journal about selling some slots and genos for Draco Stryxs as well as some characters for sale, please take some time to look at them here:

Sooner than later, Cynderheart and I will be opening collab commissions of busts and headshots (I may offer a full body or 2) to help raise money. We will release information as soon as we get everything sorted out, for now I will try t

AzuL-J is selling two dragon adoptables:
Devious Journal EntryI honestly have no idea what to say.
I only just found out that paulmccartneys had passed away. No one is sure of how this had come to be, she was only 21. I..am not going to pretend I knew her. I have talked to her a few times, she even drew me a lovely picture of Zero back when I was hurt about people judging my decision on her wings. Every time I read her comments she was so nice. I...am deeply regretful that I didn't get to know her more.
That being said...take the time to be kind and get to know those around you guys, you never know when a soul will be taken from this world.
I hope you rest in peace. I'm sorry to those closest to her are suffering more over this news. I pray you'll find peace and overcome your sadness.
I can't offer a lot right now but anyone who buys these two adoptables:

All the money will go to Cynderheart or Tellastar to contribute to her gofundme. I know it's not much but I want to hel

starsealer is holding her own commissions:
Commissions for Paulmccartneys |open|Current Status: OPEN
SO I've found out that a good friend of Cynderheart, paulmccartneys has passed away due to unknown reasons.  I will be opening these commissions and all funds will go to Steph who will then transfer it to the family of Kate.
I'm not going to pretend like I knew her but she seemed like a very nice girl.  Please help out if you can, if not just spread the word!
I WI draw pretty much anything at this point to help raise money.
Cynderheart and Tellastar are also doing commissions to raise funds,  and AzuL-J is also trying to raise funds for the family.
http://cynderheart.deviantart.com/journal/Collab-Commissions-GoFundMe-Edition-662039854  http://tellastar.deviantart.com/journal/Collab-Commissions-GoFundMe-Edition-662040669  http://azul-j.deviantart.com/journal/Devious-Journal-Entry-662034230
By co


Look, Mom by Squidub
Kate, we love you and we miss you.


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