Commission list (closed untill April)

Sat Mar 11, 2017, 9:56 PM
Commissions are closed :heart: But you can ask me for the April-May list!)
10 slots (March -April)

1.Sushi-Troll (Done)
2.The-Feeniks (Done)

1.xx-phoenixfire18-xx (Done)
2. itsjayh96 (Done)
3. E-mail (Martin) (?)
4. E-mail (Catja) (Done)
5. Sno4wy (Done)
6. iDevpool (Done)
7. Ryuu-Takeshi (Done)
8. AprylFools (In progress)
9. VK (???)
10. empressboa (In progress)

2. E-mail
3. Bingo232


Some rules were changed ;)
I draw portraits to order, any fantasy style you want (fairy, angel etc.) or classical portrait, nude.


  • Sketch, b/w or color - $ 10
  • Portrait till hip maximum, without bg - $ 25
  • Portrait in full body, without bg - $ 40
  • Portrait till hip maximum, with bg - 45$
  • Portrait in full body with bg - $ 55
  • Each additional character + $ 10


All prices are for non-commercial and personal pictures.

The complexity is determined by the number of parts, the complexity of the costume, etc. Regarding commercial use, such as T-shirts, book covers, games and so on., please write on PM

Accepted   PayPal only! Please, read this carefully! Thank you)

Buying art with PayPal by onisuu

For my dear Patrons I make special discounts and gifts!

Terms, prices and conditions are discussed by PM on DA or e-mail:

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