The dragon and the butterfly
Met so spontaneous, yet righteous as well
It was in a magical place
At a magical age
Under the stars and away from time
Two different creatures
One Mystical, One real
One gorgeous, One grand
At the birth of the night
The two became acquainted
Telling jokes and stories
Having laughs and cheers
All ignorant innocence, just waiting to be sheared
Through the middle of it a true connection could be seen
Their eyes would align
With hearts getting near
They would dance in the air
Under the moon in her glory
Singing songs of taboo
Congruent to their love
Near the death of the night
Things began to settle down
Excitement lowered and Hope heightened
Two creatures entangled under the stars
Hoping for the future
Hoping too far

At the death of night
The two had to aside
Both telling each other that their time together hasn’t ended once in for all
The dragon, in the morning, already in nostalgia
He progresses to find his butterfly
But sadly no wings in air but his own
He called for her with a voice that could reach the end of the plane
Still no sign of glimmering wings
He drifted through the air as silent and dead as the morning air
He searched far and wide
Atop mountains and along with the sea
Asking the elements to help him as he whimpered
Searching night and day, reminiscing his lost butterfly’s grace

At night, crying, being comforted by the ocean
Getting told hope was not possible
But he always knew there was hope
He thought that she could possibly be on a different world, looking up seeing the glimmering stars
Assured that this was the answer he escaped from the ocean’s grasp and took flight

He has been gone for years
Probably lost forever, confused by the never ending glimmer of stars
But others believe he could distinguish her glimmer from stars, because she is so much brighter
One thing we do know is he never will or never did give up to find his butterfly

--Dedication goes out to my friend Gretchen