Did God forget
To paint the sky today?
It seems so cold,
Clouded, and gray.
Sweet sunrise came
But startled my stare,
For my eyes failed
To focus on a sky so bare;
Sunlight shone
Through the clouds,
But it revealed no warmth
Nor color proud.
The melancholy morning
Could not deny
The dismal details
Of this dreary sky;
Noon knew not when
To rise nor what to do,
For it relied too greatly
On the midday’s blue;
Afternoon appeared
And tried to alter
The sky, but the gray
Refused to falter;
Evening approached
While day said goodbye,
But the falling sun
Could not affect the sky.
Night now threatens
The day’s sky to take,
But, suddenly,
Its colors awake-
To the ends of the earth
The colors stretch and run,
Wishing the world a good night
Before the setting of the sun.
I think God just remembered
To paint the sky today;
For tomorrow’s color  
I will have to pray-
A vibrant sky is my cry
For now and forever;
Though, I suppose,
It is better late than never.