The ashes fall silently in a crowded city
with all but one human unable to see them.
They fly through the air, dancing upon the wind,
But when they land they cover all,
And when the sun comes out,
The ashes never melt.

I do not know exactly where they came from,
Or when they first came,
Or even why they are here in my sights.
The only thing I know is what,
What these flakes of ash are.

These are my thoughts and memories,
My past, present and future,
They are what I once was long ago,
What I am now, and what I someday I will be.
And yet they hide everything in a fear so thick,
And so dense that even I can’t find my way through.

When the ashes fall, only I can see the true affect they have.
Others can merely sense their presence.
They hide everything in an invisible veil.
A veil that I cannot remove myself.
I make them known. Some listen,
And others ignore the major threat that they pose.

Sometimes I feel that I am the only person
whom stands between me and the ashes.
But I know that this cannot be the truth.
Others stand beside me, and I must learn to see them,
As they must learn to see the enemy, the ashes.

The ashes which fall silently all around me
In a crowded city filled with many others
Who have their own ashes which they must fight.
I think that I stand alone,
Yet in reality others enter this plane many times.
The pain is always hidden from love,
And so it is sometimes hard to see the ashes in others,
As it is hard to see them flying within me.

The ashes fly through the air,
covering everything in a veil of death grey.
But I know that when they land it’s not the end.
I stand with others whom I both know yet don’t,
And don’t know, but understand.
We stand together to fend off this threat,
Which not fought will destroy all that we hold dear.