full title:

it's raining, it's pouring;
this rhyme scheme is boring;
i went outside to clear my mind
but i can't leave my scars behind...


pitter, patter; pitter, patter.
raindrops splash and raindrops splatter.
the sound of water calls to me;
throw open the door and now i’m free.

my skin is drenched, soaked to the bone;
and now i’m feeling so alone.
my heart sinks, and now i fear
the rain on my face has mixed with tears.

splish, splat; splish, splat,
suddenly i’m falling flat
onto the ground, onto my knees
begging someone - anyone - please

won’t you take the pain away?
i’ll deal with it another day.
right now i’m lost, i once was found
please help me to find solid ground.

pitter, patter; pitter, patter,
raindrops splash and raindrops splatter.
i wipe the tears from my eyes;
again don the mask, go back inside.