Can I see fire as energy
When I look into the candle
A message from the atom's make
Such beauty I cannot handle

To touch enlightens from contact
But flesh plays paltry passage
So scorn is thrown by cosmic hands
With feelings of burning sage

So touch my gaze that tries to see
Why the tongue speaks to the air
Perhaps to endless waves unseen
That inferior I say is bare

Epiphany then takes me whole
That racks my waking hours
And wrapt as babe in natal womb
My struggle no longer matters

For I will always be upraised
Afloat this sea invisible
The energy I see as flame
So radiates across the sill

Onto my palms where ashy scars
To them I feel no pain
As I breathe in this field of life
Dancing cross my face

Can I see fire as energy
While all its children guide
My mind to its enormity
Encompass all inside

Still I falter in this thought
But forget the angst for now
Because this sea will sail me far
And always I upon the bow