There is a wave in the ocean of my life, 
that says come surf with me,
let your feet off of the sand
and swim farther
than you have ever been.

There is a flame in my heart
that says come,
let me fire up your life.

I will caress your fears away
no more stories of past pain.

Let's take a ride
at the rhythm of your wanting, 

Tonight is the night 
I'll take you flying
I want to take you 
Above and far.

Above a bed of stars,
and the rain in your skin
Will sparkle with star lights.

I'll set upon your head
a crown of roses
carefully cleared of thorns
you will be my queen and we will
reign with love.

I will dress you with a cloud
pure and white, 
and a rainbow will be your path
sparkling with a rain of  star dust.

I will love you above  and far...