I am moving out, and as if it was not enough my finances are catastrophic (bills, health etc) so please consider ordering a commission or at least promoting my journal.
SFW or NSFW, I'm up for anything and everything.

Please submit your name if you are interested in a slot.
Many people never sent me their references or response so I am offering these slots again if I don't have any reply uvu.

Please make sure to:
a) Read the tarifications list & check my other works just in case.
b) Read the ToS
c) Ask any questions that you might have ~


Please look at my last commissions to determine which one suits you the best.

Fall Edition :: Prices Chart by fukugami
Commissions examples ::A small journal to sum up the type of commissions I did and can do.
Tarot cards:

Colored Fullbody:

Tangled :: NANOWRIMO by fukugami
Oh Ye Faithful :: L I N E A R T by fukugami.: The pain will fade away :. by fukugami.: The Herbalist :. by fukugami:. Contemplative .: by fukugami

:: Adoptable :: CLOSED by fukugami

:: Lady of the Lake :: YCH by fukugami

:: The Lord of the Kois :: YCH by fukugami

: Harpy or Magpie : by fukugami

:. Ginevra .: by fukugami



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