A Little Prompt-y Goodness III

Wed Mar 28, 2018, 5:00 AM

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Poetry has its own National Month dedicated to it! The month of APRIL!
They even have a funny little acronym for it, NaPoWriMo. Those of us who write prose recognize this a little... Hmmm... sounds like NaNoWriMo. I am sure that is completely coincidental and the two have nothing to do with one another.
Suspicious Spkmw 

Here is Amarantheans' and LualaDy's list of: A Little Prompt-y Goodness III!

We will be using the  Young Writers Poetry Glossary  to reference each form of poetry.
Also, to help you with your rhymes check out RhymeZone!

30 Days Of Poetry Challenge

1. Form:  Let's start simple, with a Free Verse Poem 
ThemeFREEDOM:  can you be even more free than a free verse poem about freedom?

2. Form:  Keeping things low key, with a Haiku 
Theme:   TIME: as Haikus celebrate the ephemeral nature of things.

3. Form:  Again not to difficult, with a Limerick 
Theme:  HOT DRINKS: what could go wrong with a cup of tea?

4. Form:  Another short form that requires you to think, Riddle
Theme:  MYSTERY: we're not gonna tell you the answer!

5. Form:  Get a little repetitive, with a Pantoum 
Theme:  SPRING: I'm sure there are a lot of things you can say, and say again, and again about spring =D (Big Grin)

6. Form:  In poetry repetition is fun, try a  Triolet
Theme: MUSIC: the pianist is me remembered that a triolet (triplet in English) is when you divide a note in 3 instead of 2. Sounds lovely and is quite hard to achieve when the other hand is playing regular divisions ^^

7. Form:  Add a little rhythm and rhyme, with a Kyrielle 
Theme:  COLOURS: let's put some life into this, shall we?

8. Form:  Now let's add in some syllables, Cinquain 
Theme:  LOVE: it's easy to write looong liiiines about looooooove, but can you trap its essence into a few words only?

9. Form:  Alright we will give you a word, try an Acrostic Poem 
Theme:  key word is INSPIRATION: or come up with your own key word that inspires you! Tell us what makes your creativity spark!

10. Form:  Shapes are fun so write a, Shape Poem
Theme:  ANIMALS: aren't they the cutest? Show us your favorite!

11. From:  Ohh... a little more rhyme, it is poetry after all, write an Ottava Rima
Theme:  HERO: as the ottava rima was originally used for looooong heroïc poems

12. Form:  Using a little satire and a lot of wit, let's create an  Epigram 
Theme:  MISTAKES: can you turn an embarassing mistake to your advantage?

13. Form:  Expression is the key, when writing a  Sonnet 
Theme:  FEAR: we may think it's ridiculous or handicapping, but it's a feeling so strong it can't be ignored!
14. Form:  Similes, Metaphors and hyperboles, Oh My, time to try an Ode
Theme:  SENSATION: is the the warm feeling of the Sun on your cheeks? the cold touch of water on your feet? the softness of your cat rubbing against you?

15. Form:  Ok, halfway there let's make it a rhyming challenge with a  Ballade 
Theme:  JOURNEY: just because in French "une ballade" = "a walk"

16. Form:  Take a step back to relax with a  Senryu 
Theme:  SASSY: according to my research, that's the describing word that best fits this type of poem ^^

17. Form:  Time to give forth a little praise with a Horatian Ode 
Theme:  HOUSEHOLD ITEM: who doesn't love to praise their frying pans? =D (Big Grin)

18. Form: This form of Ode was named after the writer Pindar, write a Pindaric Ode  
Theme:  BEAUTY: let's take a break from the weird themes ^^

19. Form:  You write this in the shape of a diamond, try a Diamante 
Theme:  TRANSITIONS: day-night, hot-cold, you got it, that's what this form is for ^^

20. Form:  Now for LualaDy's favorite :giggle: Echo Verse 
Theme:  NATURE: have you ever tried talking to the sky? the trees? the running waters?

21. Form:  Iambic Pentameter (is not a made up word) but at least there is no rhyme with a  Blank Verse Poem 
Theme:  HOBBY: tell us about an activity that makes you feel good!

22. Form:  Hmmm... a story in the shape of a poem. Time to try an Epic
Theme:  FAIRY TALE: why not =D (Big Grin)

23. Form:  It's not quite regular, so try an Irregular Ode 
Theme:  GAME: what sort of games shall we play?

24. Form:  Ready, Set, Action! This is so exciting write a Tyburn 
Theme:  ADVENTURE: go! go! go! go! (being a pokemon is not required)

25. Form:  Tis now time for a classic, write a  Shakespearean Sonnet 
Theme:  UTOPIA: share with us your vision of a perfect world, make us dream!

26. Form:  Use your descriptive words, while writing a  Kennings Poem 
Theme:  IMAGINARY CREATURE: tell us about fantasy, mythology, folklore, sci-fi...

27. Form:  Start with one and end with ten, syllables that is, with a Tetractys 
Theme:  YOURSELF: tell us something about yourself! But think twice, you don't have many syllabes to work with ^^

28. Form: Work with a friend and write a Renga 
Theme:  SKY AND WEATHER: our mood can drastically change from blue skies to stormy weather. 
If you are unable to find a friend just tag Amarantheans or LualaDy in the comments to finish it for you.

29. Form:  Let's take a moment to express our history with a Lyric 
Theme:  THE PAST: the past can hold painful and beautiful things. Though we must accept it's gone and look towards the future, it's also bad to dismiss it totally since it's a huge part of us. What emotions does your past bring to you?

30. Form:  It's the last day! Celebrate with a Terza Rima
Theme:  CELEBRATION: am I being too obvious? =D (Big Grin)

This year LualaDy (our Theme selector)  and I (our Form selector) teamed up to bring you this challenge!

All of these are suggested subjects and poetry forms to challenge you, If for any reason you are uncomfortable with,  or prefer not to write about a subject, feel free to use your own subject but try the poetry form of the day. If you don't feel as if you can write the form of the day, then try and use the subject of the day.

 Also, don't feel like you must participate everyday because it could burn you out, We want this to be an inspirational and fun  journey for everyone!

Please, if you would like to have your work featured next month, tag this journal in your deviations comments. We will also open a folder for them in OurDreamsWillCome.

Please submit your poems to our Monthly Themed Folder at OurDreamsWillCome! Our theme for this month will be WORDS so all poetry fits!

Amarantheans and LualaDy