Thu Oct 25, 2018, 1:50 PM

Depression by DestinyBlue

Hi everyone,
mental health can be such a turbulent thing to deal with and it seems our beloved community member DestinyBlue is currently going through a low.  Lubbly had a wonderful idea for the community to rally behind her by showing support through art for DestinyBlue
We'd like to encourage the community to join us in creating such art.  Be sure to tag these creations with #wefeelublue 

Deviations may also be submitted to communityrelations We Feel U Blue favorites folder.  

Depression by DestinyBlue

(1/5) Psychotic Depression by DestinyBlue (2/5) Losing Reality by DestinyBlue 
(3/5) Suicidal Ideation by DestinyBlue (4/5) Psychiatric Hospital by DestinyBlue 

Lots Of Hope Only Requires Little Light by n-art313 You just have to paint your wings by mat02922 Awash In The Storm by Can-Cat 
MARS X VENUS by mikepapa1697 DestinyBlue by connwaers  
inner light by milchzahnvampir Draw-this-in-your-style 2018 (DestinyBlue) by SillyJellie Imprint - Recreation by MomoiWorld 

Skin by Dan Leveille