Prices & Payments:

- Send payment before I start.
- Don't send payment unless I agree on the commission.
- I accept PayPal and dA Points (soon credit card payment available)
- Complexity may raise the price and I reserve the right to charge you more for complex artworks. 
- Refunds are available only partially. Sketch finished? You will still pay for the sketch. Lineart finished? Pay for the lineart.
- No refunds after the piece is done. 

Artwork sizes:

- for traditional art, I usually work in A4 sized paper (210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches)
- for an A5 paper, the price is 85% of the normal A4 price.
- for an A6 paper (portrait card), the price is 80% of the normal A4 price.
- that means: You want a lineart of your character, but on A6 format. So your commission would cost 80% of the official A4 lineart price. 
- And that applies to any traditional commission.
- Prices for larger art, such as A3 and bigger, are not set yet.

Contacting me

- dA notes, FB Page/personal FB, Instagram. That's where I get easily notified about every message
- please, clearly specify what you want. Ideally give some references. Tell me what kind of artwork would you like and what medium (mostly available are traditional watercolors and digital art, but I work with pencils, too.) Ideally, clarify what budget do you have for the artwork.

I will and I won't draw:

- Please let me know what exactly do you want, so I can accept or reject the commission. I reserve the right to reject the commission if I don't feel comfortable with it.

I am absolutely okay with:

- humans
- humanoid characters
- anthro
- furries
- animals
- blood and gore-y stuff

I struggle a bit with:

- half bodies (I still have a bad time making the actual pose tho xD)
- armor. seriously, one recent artwork with golden armor ended up well only because a huge bit of luck.

I still struggle a lot with:

- hands (still in process of learning)
- full body anatomy (bad time making poses again ^^')
- NSFW: porn and nudity art.

Absolute NO:

- NSFW for minors

My service:

- I can send you sketches and change it a bit if you want to.
- With a lot of changes done (f. e. changing poses too many times because of customer's indecision), I may charge you more for the time spent on changes. Though, I understand the indecision so that may not be a rule, and if you genuinely seem to be just a bit unsure instead of trying to scam me over free sketches, I will let it be. ^^
- Best ways to contact me over sending you sketches and basically give you this kind of service are:
. My Instagram DMs (Nautileen)
. Personal Facebook (@Nautileenka)
Please don't expect me to reply really fast over dA notes, I struggle with them a bit. Same with Discord - which may be used only when the order is large and contains many of large artworks (then I create a new server with only you and me in it and create channels for each artwork). Yes, I have pretty fine experience with this complexity. No problem with that. ^^


- Currently not available. Planning it tho. 


- Commission is usually done within 2 weeks.
- I have my own life, I study, I have a part time job (at some weekends only tho), so I can not really be active and do art 24/7, though I try a lot.
- I'll let you know if I had too many commissions on my plate so you will be informed of the delay of your commission. Please, accept that some people asked sooner.
- I try to do commissions in order, but sometimes people receive their artwork sooner or later than others. Usually because I wasn't feeling well. 


- Adding character - for a price stated on the exact type of commission.
- Adding background - for a price stated on the exact type of commission.
- Scanned traditional lineart to let you print it and color it? + $4
- If you ordered a sketch, a lineart or a flat color artwork and you would like some more (sketch => lineart / sketch => full color, etc), there's no problem with that if you pay me additionally. 


- Give me credit. Pls.
- As long as you give the credit to me, I'm absolutely fine with any place you post it to. You can also tell me, give me links, so I can actually follow you on that media :3
- Linearts: If you're ordering a lineart, I can send you the scanned version and let you print it and color it on your own, for additional $4. You can do as many prints as you want since you receive the file, but when posting it anywhere, you still have to credit me for the lineart. Also please, don't erase the little signature on the lineart, since that would be considered as a violation of the copyright.

My commissions: