L'enfant Terrible: Fear of Dolls extended deadline

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2019, 4:30 AM

Virgil set-top by SinistrosePhosphate
Voice from the Vaults-2 by SinistrosePhosphate

...The way is shut...

                   ...For those who are left, despair...

Greetings, fellow inmates: 

Tempus fugit, time flies. It is that time of the year again; the most wonderful time of the year, if you ask me. Yes, it's time for Hallowe'en again. We at the Lunatic Asylum are happy to celebrate this season with you by hosting another contest. We hope you will find the time to join us this year as well. 


If anyone asks me "What is the fear of dolls called?" I would probably have to answer "common sense."

Of course, there's a name for this not-at-all uncommon phobia, it's "Pediophobia", coming from the Greek παιδιον- paidion- (children) and φόβος -phóbos (fear). Pediophobia is the unwarranted, irrational and persistent fear or worry of dolls. It is a specific phobia belonging to the category of ‘automatonphobia’. This is a type of phobia where the individual is afraid of all humanoid or “human-like-but-not-quite” objects including mannequins, marionettes, ventriloquist’s dummies, wax figures, animatrix or robotic figures etc. It falls into the fear of what lurks in the Uncanny Valley. Incidentally, the fear of children is Pedophobia and they came from the same sources. Therefore we are happy to combine both fears into one contest. We would love to see your take on the horrible child, whether it is doll or a Hell-spawn. 

If you have ever found yourself staring into the unblinking eyes of a porcelain doll or decided to destroy every Furby you encounter, you are the person we are looking for. We want you to show us the shape of the miniature demons that haunt your dreams. 


Here are the general rules to abide by: 

  1. You have to be a patient of :iconthe-lunatic-asylum: to enter the contest. Not a patient? Click "Join the Group" on our homepage The-Lunatic-Asylum and embrace the insanity.
  2. All medias accepted. This includes all visual media (drawn or taken with a camera), literature and artisan crafts (it would be the perfect time to show us some very creepy dolls created or modified for you, for example).
  3. Start date: 15th of September End date: 10th of November Time zone: GMT (conversion clock here) :new:
  4. New entries only. Your deviation have to be submitted from 15th of September to the 11:59 pm of 10th of November. :new:
  5. Add to top of your description what your work was done for :iconthe-lunatic-asylum: contest. Thank you.
  6. Entry have to be your own. No line arts, no bases.
  7. For photomanipulations: If there was used any resource (such as stock photographs or textures) they have to be credited in your descriptions.
  8. If there are collaborations the prize will be given to just one of the participants and then they'll have to divide it.
  9. Please respect the theme during your creative process. 
  10. The judges can inspire you with a work, however, they do not count as participants and cannot win. 
  11. Submit in 'The Arena' folder. You can enter as many times as you want but you can win only once. 


First prize: 200 points from IllyDragonfly / one creepy/eerie commission from IllyDragonfly / one commission from SinistrosePhosphate/ one feature from Madmen-Asylum and dA-Morgue /  150 points from craftsbyblue :new:

Now that we have 10 or more participants (Judges contribution excluded)
Second prize: 100 points from IllyDragonfly / one creepy/eerie short story from IllyDragonfly/ one feature from SinistrosePhosphate /  100 points from craftsbyblue :new:

If we have 20 or more participants (Judges contribution excluded)
Third prize: 50 points from IllyDragonfly / one creepy/eerie poem from IllyDragonfly / one feature from SinistrosePhosphate /  50 points from craftsbyblue :new:

All winners will be featured at The-Lunatic-Asylum 's front page and their works will be put in the 'Featured' showcase. Also...

We are looking for donors! Please contact Dr Psychic if you are interested. 


Judges' inspiration, just to break the ice! They cannot win, so don't be shy and start creating! 

Ghost story by SinistrosePhosphate Creepy doll by IllyDragonfly

From our patients:
:iconmalintra-shadowmoon: Welcome to my Realm by Malintra-Shadowmoon The Halloween PartyA large former Victorian mansion,
Once beautiful and pompous, now abandoned and decaying,
A black, overgrown ruin whose outlines sharply distinguished themselves from the dark night sky.
Only a crescent moon illuminated the Halloween night; no star sparkled.
Darkness surrounded us and the candles we brought for our Halloween celebration.
There was something - a noise on the upper floor of the dilapidated house.
The others had heard nothing and thought that it was a simulated ghost sound.
For me it was not a fun factor for the party; it was very scary.
Half-collapsed steps cracked under my feet,
When I reached the door on the first floor, from which the whimpering of a child came.
I felt cold down my back, and goose bumps set in,
Because in the corner sat a little girl who wore a dress from the Victorian era.
The girl pointed to the doll carriage; there was an old doll in it.
I wanted to give it to the girl, but she refused. So I put the doll at her feet.
She picked it up and the tears

:iconcapndeek373: we won't keep a light on for ya by CapnDeek373
:iconmetal-bender: They See You When You're Sleeping by Metal-Bender  
:iconaimeedouglass: Free Falling by AimeeDouglass

Mature Content

Uncanny Fear by apocspost

:icontheoracledragon: Doll - Aimee by TheOracleDragon
:iconflammenfeder: Dolly's LullabyTap, tap, tap, 
there's footsteps in my flat. 
"But you live alone!"
I know.
Swishing skin long sere,
there's whispers in my ear:
"You should better go."
I'm home. 
Screeching joints of iron, 
there's fingers on my spine.
"No. No! NO!"
It's crawling up my sheet,
its deadlocked eyes I meet. 

:icondoubledande: Creepy the Clown Doll by DoubleDandE
:iconjoeeyesteponmonsters: Newborn Nightmare (flash abomination) by JoeEyeStepOnMonsters
:iconfierydragonwriter: Give in by fierydragonwriter
:icondailydragonlair: The Fear of Dolls: A Macabre TragedyCilla opened the door, candle in hand, and, taking a deep breath, stepped over the threshold. It was dark and cold, and smelled like death. The only illumination aside from her wavering flame came from the window looking out onto the small town, but the moon was a sliver in a dark sky, and provided little comfort.
Cilla let the door close behind her, and allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She could smell the dust motes as they passed her, and her vision slowly took in the shapes in the room. Human shapes, but still. Very still.
Cilla's heart faltered. She wished her friends were there. She imagined each of their reactions in turn. Emma, ever practical, would have conjured more light. Delia would have cast a spell of protection. Nat would probably have brought a nice, sturdy baseball bat along. And Brenda would have been hiding behind them all, offering advice from the open door. Friends, however, while a great comfort, can not always follow wherever one goes. All Cilla could d
:iconjzdeviantfreak: :thumb819655752: :new:


:iconillydragonfly: Dr. A. Psychic, Medical director. 
:iconsinistrosephosphate: C. Syn, D. Div., guest consultant. 

Dolls fire our collective imagination, for better and - too often- for worse. From life-sized dolls the same height as the little girls who carry them, to long haired dolls whose hair can "grow" longer, to Barbie and her fashionable sisters, dolls do double duty as child's play and the focus of adult art and adult fear. - Ellen Datlow.

Syn Signature by SinistrosePhosphate

Virgil set-bottom by SinistrosePhosphate

Skin by UszatyArbuz