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I have updated my info. and examples.
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Slot status: Available LB version
Hi welcome to my page.
I am an anime artist with occassional animal or cartoon art.
If this is your first time ordering from me, make sure to read my terms carefully, but don't worry, the terms are not harsh! I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly. ^^
--Payment due upfront. I accept payment plans only for $100+ purchases and from credible people (I do not send the finished work until it's completely paid for)
--Refunds only accepted if I don't meet the given deadline
--Deadline starts when I start on your order
-- Please repost your finished commission with credit
--Please provide clear colored references and poses/concepts wanted (if any)
-- Do not edit/trace/or resell my works
-- I have the right to refuse service to anyone
-- personal use only (indie and commercial costs extra)
-- 1 free sketch revision ($15+ orders only) (Costs exta for more)
--I do NOT change details on completed work!
-- turnaround times vary per commission (it costs extra for faster results)
--I can draw many things except mecha, muscular chars., gore, heavily detailed chars., and most fet1shes
If you have any questions you can send me a message. Please note that prices below can end up being more if the work will take a lot of time to do.
Examples Into 1 Sheet
Regular Art Prices:
(all colored)
500x500 Headshot/icon: $7 ea. (pixeled icons must be 128x128)
Half body: $20
Full body: $40
another char. $10 ea.
simple background $10
Project Prices:
Character design/redesign $50
5 static chat emotes $25
Social media banner $20
Visual novel half body character sheets: 4 expressions + 1 outfit: $40 ($10 per additional)
Live2d half body: simple rig $150 // art: $100 (+1k commerc1al)
stream overlay $25
emofuri modeling+rigging $45
If you are looking for something else, I also do the following:
Vroid modeling, MMD fixes, small animations, win10 themes, Macop1x/shimeji char., etc.
I also have a buy now option on my ko-fi page with set prices for everything. Just send me a note for a link.